Saturday, 22 January 2011

Semut Dalam Al-Qur'an..

Assalam.. Pekabo teman-teman di luar sana? Harapnya sihat sentiasa.. Wakpe weekend nih? Jangan lupa untuk diisi dengan aktiviti yang berfaedah. Hari ni Mie nak share satu lagi cerita berkenaan dengan haiwan yang diambil dari Al-Qur'an. Jom!

There is a surah in the Qur'an called ‘The Ants’ or an-Naml. Allah tells the story of Prophet Sulaiman in this surah. Allah tells us how the ants were afraid of Sulaiman and he heard an ant telling the other ants to get into their holes before he crushed them all. 
Even the Prophet (peace be upon him) mentioned ants. He said that "Allah said, 'Who are most unjust than those who try to create something like My creation? I challenge them to create even a smallest ant, a wheat grain or a barley grain.' " Even an ant which is so small cannot be created by anyone other than Allah. Maybe you've heard of scientists who have 'made' animals like sheep, but remember that they didn't make them from nothing, they had to have another animal to start with. But Allah created even the ants from nothing.

Allah is the Creator... He is the only one who can create everything from nothing. He is the one who created all the animals and the human beings and all the universe... even the small ants.

The Prophet, salallahu aleihi wa salaam, also said that the ants (and the fish and all the animals) make du'a for the person who tries to learn more. So if you are always trying to learn Islam for example, even the ants will ask Allah to forgive you and reward you. Even the ants. So let's always learn Islam together.

And finally the Prophet, salallahu aleihi wa salaam, said that we should not burn the houses of ants, only Allah should punish with fire. Never ever punish anything or anyone with Fire. Only Allah will punish the ones who make sins with fire.. .so do not burn the houses of ants or other animals. Have you ever watched ants? They're very busy animals and they are known for working very hard. Ants belong to the insect family and live together in communities just like people do. These communities are called colonies.

Ants are very good at working together. If you watch a colony of ants long enough you might see some ants all helping each other to carry something which is bigger than all of them. They help each other and they are nice to each other. We should learn from ants. They'll be marching along like an army. Even Muslims are told by the prophet (peace be upon him) to help each other and be nice Muslims... so we all have to be nice to each other and help each other inshaAllah.

Male ants have wings but female ants don't. Most female ants are worker ants but some don't work, their job is to have baby ants. Ants don't live very long and many get killed by people or bigger animals walking on them. Ants are also eaten by many other animals so they need to have lots of young to keep their communities going.

Ants live in anthills which are full of tunnels. If you see one you'd better not look too close and make sure you don't sit on it! And, of course, always remember that they are part of Allah's creation and we shouldn't kill or harm them unless we have good reason to.

And Finally, remember...when you see an ant... think of how Great Allah is ... He created the ant.... so small... but no one can create even that small a thing. So when you see an ant.. remember Allah Subhanahu wa ta'ala who created us all.

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