Monday, 18 April 2011

Kisah Unta Dalam Al-Qur'an

Camels are mentioned many times in the Qur'an and in the Sunnah of our beloved prophet Mohammad (sallah Allahu Alaihe wa Sallam). 
Have you heard the story of the camel of the Prophet (sallah Allahu Alaihe wa Sallam) when he arrived at Madinah? 
On the first journey to Madinah, Abu Bakr, the prophet (sallah Allahu Alaihe wa Sallam) best companion, wanted to give his camel as a gift to the Prophet (sallah Allahu Alaihe wa Sallam) but the prophet (sallah Allahu Alaihe wa Sallam) insisted that he should buy it from Abu Bakr. 
The camel was named Qaswa' and when the Prophet (sallah Allahu Alaihe wa Sallam) reached Madinah everyone wanted the Prophet (sallah Allahu Alaihe wa Sallam) to stay at their home. However, the prophet (sallah Allahu Alaihe wa Sallam) kept on saying to the people who were trying to grab the camel and get it to stop at their home: “Leave her. Allah has told the Camel where to stop.” When Qaswa’ finally arrived to where Allah wanted it to stop, the camel knelt down and that is where the Prophet’s home was built. 
Camels are also mentioned in the Quran. Look in Sura Al-A’raf (7:40). There Allah speaks of those people who reject His signs and are proud and He says that they will not enter the Garden until the camel can pass through the eye of the needle. If you picture a camel and the eye of a needle you know that a camel will never be able to go through it. That means that there will never be a chance for those people who don’t believe in Allah and to go into Paradise. May Allah keep us to the straight path and not be like those people and may He allow us to enter Paradise. Amin. 
There are more than that on camels in the Quran. There is also the Camel that was sent to the people of ‘Ad. But we will talk about this story in another time because it is such a beautiful story that we need a lot of writing for. Now… there are two types of Camels: 

Dromedary Camels (Arabian Camel): they have one hump
Bactrian Camel: they have two humps. 

Baby camels, on the other hand, don't have humps, they grow as they get older. Do you know what the humps are for? They are stores of flesh and fat so when there is no food the camel has this store as spare. A camel can survive without water for several days. Camels have thick pads on their feet and on the joints of their legs and on their chest. They need these to be able to bear the heat of the desert sand when they are walking and kneeling down. It has long eyelashes to keep the flying sand out of its eyes and it can close its nostrils to keep sand out too. 
The flesh of the camel can be eaten and the female's milk can be drunk. Camels have long hair which they shed every summer and this is sometimes used to make fine paint brushes, ropes or a light, warm cloth. And of course they're used for carrying loads and even people. They can carry as much as 454 kg, that’s the same as 450 bags of sugar! 
Wow… Camels are so amazing… SubhanaAllah. Every creature that Allah has created is different. Each one is unique…. Each one is beautiful in its own way. When you look at just one of this creation… the camel for example…. You can see so much amazing things… and what we should say is.. SubhanaAllah who created it. You know.. Even that Camel… that simple creature that can’t think…. That camel thanks Allah all the time. When it drinks.. it says Alhamdulillah. When it eats.. it says Alhamdulillah…. All creatures are Muslim…. They all believe in Allah and they worship Him so much… they are sometimes are better than us in their worship! SubhanaAllah.

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